I asked Roy to put down in his own words a brief insight into his life as "The Bad Boy Of British Comedy" from the very beginning.

I've worked with Roy now for 14 years, class him as a great friend and he still amazes me with his work ethic. How hard he works on his act is a credit to him and he makes me laugh on a daily basis.

Scotty (Friend & Production Manager)

Well my name's Roy and I was born Feb 3rd 1945.

My life on and around the council estate was like most of the people, there was honour amongst thieves, my mother left home when I was 9 to live with some guy who came to fix the washer..!!

I thought my life would be a life of crime, detention centres, borstal and then prison, I openly admit I didn't grow up till I was 25. In those days it was easy to become an arsehole in that environment, my Dad liked a drink, a fight and a fuck but not always in that order.

Whilst in prison I read a book by Bob Hope called "I owe Russia $1200" and it changed my life. I was already into music so I taught myself ukulele banjo, piano and drums, tried the trumpet but it gave me toothache..!!

I bought a set of drums for £15 joined up with my cousins Dek and Lee and a singer Tony Morris, called ourselves Pipeline then The Four Man Band amongst others.

The band wanted to play jazz / funk but I wanted to do comedy so started a comedy duo in the 70's called Alcock and Brown, started doing support slots for top names on the clubland circuit and auditioned for New Faces and Opportunity Knocks.

I started on my own doing a slot at Jollies Stoke on Trent in 1976, where I first met Bernard Manning, he told me "You're a good blue comic, keep it up son". It wasn't long after this I met Les Dawson and he said "If you stop this effin and jeffin you'll get a TV show".

I've never really done TV to this day apart from a couple of interviews and the cameo on The League of Gentlemen as I've never had stars in my eyes, I just like working and making people laugh and the bonus is I get paid for it..!!

After 12 cassettes, 2 EPs, 2 LPs and 27 videos you know how hard I work, I've been around the world twice with my humour and love performing to such a wide variety of people.

I've met and worked with so many people and have to say my favourite is still Ken Dodd and I love the new breed of comedians.

Without my fans I'd be nothing, like Andy Murray without his racket and Lewis Hamilton without a car, you pay my wages, laugh at my gags and ditties and without whom I'd be sat at home bored shitless..!!

You've fulfilled my hopes and dreams and I love you all.

Chubbs x

Cartoon image of Roy Chubby Brown © Andrew Coslett (Cozzart)
© Image courtesy of
Andrew Coslett (Cozzart)